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Seasons In Tenerife

This island of the Canary Archipelago has a well-known nickname: the island of eternal spring. Indeed, its climate is moderate throughout the year, which makes it an ideal holiday destination for Europeans since it takes only a few hours in plane from the continent. But in spite of its nickname, ...

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Invasion Of Long Spined Black Sea Urchins In Tenerife

Tenerife is home to innumerable underwater species. The divers here are very lucky as they have the possibility to observe a diversified aquatic environment. However, did you know that one of these species is actually not welcome in Tenerife waters? It is the long-spined black sea urchin, that is an ...

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5 Best Places To Watch The Sunset In Tenerife

Being an island, Tenerife offers many places to watch a wonderful sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. But what are the best places to see it? We want to share with you our favourite ones!

1. Playa de Benijo (Benijo Beach)

This is our number one place for a ...

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Roque Del Conde. Mountain Of Last Heroes Of Guanches.

View from a cave at the top of Roque del Conde mountain to Las Americas y Los Cristianos from the height of 1000 meters.

The mountain Roque del Conde is situated in the South of Tenerife and offers fantastic views to any hiker that reaches its top. The ascend takes ...

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olbrzymi kostium na karnawał

Carnival In Tenerife Begins! Tonight The Queen Will Be Elected!

Tenerife is ready for the most expected event of the carnival 2016 that will take place tonight - Queen election.

14 candidates have been preparing the whole year for this day and have passed many castings and finally tonight they will demonstrate their fantastic costumes to the jury. The participants ...

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Macropinna Microstoma, Creature Looking Like From Another Planet

This amazing fish inhabits very deep water (from 500 to 800 meters), therefore long time it stayed unknown. It was first found and described by Wilbert Chapman in 1939, the first picture of an alive species of macropinna was made only in 2004.

It´s striking that the head of macropinna ...

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naturalne baseny Teneryfakieliszki z likieremżółwie w el Puertitowulkan Teidetańce

5 Special Things To Do In Tenerife

1. Swim in a volcanic pool

Tenerife like all Canary Islands is of volcanic origin. Any mountain you see here is a volcano. Many centuries ago when volcanoes erupted lava going downhill destroyed everything on its way. Having reached the water it became solid forming rocks of varied shapes and ...

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biały wieloryb

White Humpback Whale

White humpback whale

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największa plaszczka

A Huge Manta Ray, Also Called Devil Fish

A huge manta ray, also called Devil Fish, captured on August 26, 1933. Weight: 5000 pounds; width: over 20 feet.

It was captured off the coast of Netherlands by Capt. Kahn. It's a very rare case, as normally Devil Fish of this size stay in deep water and don't come ...

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stare zdjęcie teneryfydawne Los CristianosNone

Los Cristianos: Now And Before.

On the left: Los Cristianos in the 50s

On the right: Los Cristianos in the 70s

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