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Roque Del Conde. Mountain Of Last Heroes Of Guanches.

View from a cave at the top of Roque del Conde mountain to Las Americas y Los Cristianos from the height of 1000 meters.

The mountain Roque del Conde is situated in the South of Tenerife and offers fantastic views to any hiker that reaches its top. The ascend takes about 2 hours in the end of which you find yourself on a plateau. Here you can easily have a walk and even do a picnic. Just beneath the top there is a cave where aborigens of Tenerife, guanches, lived. You can enter it and imagine how they lived inside. Originally the mountain was called Ichasagua that is the name of a guanche that started the last resistance against the Spanish conquistadors in 1502. At that time the whole island was already defeated. Together with other guanches who didn't recognize the domination of the Spanish crown he settled down on Roque del Conde that served them as a natural fortress. Ichasagua was proclaimed mencey (king) of Tenerife. He leaded the resistance for a few months and committed suicide when saw that the end was inevitable. Now the mountain keeps the memory of the last heroes of the aborigens of Tenerife.