Kayaking Tours in Tenerife

Snorkeling with turtles by kayak

It´s a wonderful experience for families, friends and couples. The tour combines kayaking and snorkeling and lasts 2 hours in total. We start in Los Cristianos before our diving school and head to PalMar rocks. About 30 minutes on kayaks, and we reach those gorgeous cliffs, next to which Canary turtles live. We stop for half an hour for snorkeling accompanied by our professional instructors. You will be able to observe the rich underwater life. It's home to a wide variety of fish and animals, that makes it a real adventure every time we go snorkeling in our kayaks. Afterwards we continue our kayak tour to explore the surrounding area while enjoying the magnificent views. After returning to school, you can review the photos taken during the tour.


Price: 45 40.50 euros     Book online with 10% discount


Kayak tour: in search of dolphins

Kayaking has become so popular in recent years for obvious reasons: you get exercise while enjoying breathtaking sea views. Kayak tours to Los Cristianos make a huge impression on the island's guests, because almost every time we meet dolphins on our way. This is something you don't see in everyday life: being in the sea on a kayak and watching dolphins swimming around you at the same time! As with the first snorkeling tour, we begin our kayaking excursions to Los Cristianos from the beach located directly opposite the diving center. For 2 hours we kayak along the cliffs of PalmMar, in the open sea. Throughout the tour, you will be accompanied by a professional guide who will show you the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. We want to share with you our passion for sports and nature. Don't hesitate and sign up for a kayaking excursion!


Price: 39 35.10 euros     Book with 10% discount


Kayak tour                    Snorkeling with turtles                    Kayakers on the beach



We pick up our guests in the South of Tenerife. See the map below.