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naturalne baseny Teneryfakieliszki z likieremżółwie w el Puertitowulkan Teidetańce

5 Special Things To Do In Tenerife

1. Swim in a volcanic pool

Tenerife like all Canary Islands is of volcanic origin. Any mountain you see here is a volcano. Many centuries ago when volcanoes erupted lava going downhill destroyed everything on its way. Having reached the water it became solid forming rocks of varied shapes and natural pools. In the high tide the salty water inundates the pools where it's so pleasant to swim. Now it's a popular attraction for local people and visitors of Tenerife.


2. Drink a "chupito" of ronmiel

For sure, if you stay in Tenerife you need to try the most popular typical drink of Tenerife - ronmiel. It's a kind of rum made of honey and produced only in the Canary islands. Ronmiel tastes more like liquor as it's rather sweet and can be of 20% or 30%. You will also hear word "chupito" that means "shot" in Spanish. Many restaurants have a tradition to serve their visitors with a free chupito that would be mostly shot of ronmiel. This is the way to show their hospitality, so don't refuse.


3. Dive with turtles

When you are in Tenerife you find yourself surrounded by the Atlantic ocean. Don't even hesitate to explore its underwater world that is so rich and fascinating! If you are not a certified diver, you can just do a try dive with a personal instructor that is very easy and doesn't require any special skills. The best place in Tenerife is el Puertito bay where a family of Canary turtles lives. These friendly animals welcome divers that submerge here and love swimming together with them. No doubts, this experience will be unforgettable!


4. Climb Teide

Teide is the biggest volcano of Tenerife and the highest point of Spain as well. If you climb it feel free to be proud of yourself. There are two ways to do it. The easy one is to go in the cable car up to 3550 m and then the rest 200 m you climb by a path that is rather steep and rough. To enter the path you need to reserve a special, you can do it here: On the very top you can smell sulfur and sometimes even see a smoke going out between the rocks. And of course the views are spectacular. The other way is really hard but it's worth that. You can start climbing Teide from its foot, it will take you approximately 6 hours in total. You need to be in a good shape as the path goes steeply up all the way to the top. You can make a break and stay in a hostel Altavista, that is not far from the upper station of the cable way. Spend the night there and start climbing again at 4 a.m. to reach the top before the sunrise. You will watch the most beautiful sunrise ever from the height of 3718 m!

To enter the path from the upper station of the cable way to the top in the night you don't need permission.


5. Try latin dance

All Canary people love dancing, it's in their blood. The Canary schools of latin dance beat any others of whole Spain and take first places in all national championships. The professionals give a chance for tourists to try this exciting dance and arrange free lessons for beginners. Join one of them and you will fall in love with latin music and dance for ever! The classes are held on Fridays in Achaman and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays in Casablanca.