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Six Reasons Why To Become A Certified Padi Open Water Diver

Many visitors of Tenerife do scuba diving for the first time here. Mostly they choose a try dive which does not provide them with a certification though makes it possible to discover the underwater world with an instructor. 
After this first experience most new divers wish to keep diving. In that case the best step to do is to enroll on a scuba diving course. There are many diving federations in the world. The most famous one is PADI. Its certificates are acknowledged everywhere in the world. The first course for the beginners to do is Open Water Diver. Why is it worth getting your first scuba diving license? Here are the reasons: 
1.       Going on vacations to any country of the world you will be able to go scuba diving as a certified diver. As far as PADI licenses are recognized in any dive center you can join various diving trips and go down to 18 meters (the maximum depth allowed for OWD divers). In any resort you will have a number of dive sites to visit. Thus you can explore the underwater world of each country you go.

2.       You will be more independent: with an Open Water Diver certificate you are allowed to dive with a buddy in an independent way, wherever you go. But of course it's always recommended to go on a guided diving trip, so that a local instructor showed you the underwater routes and gave you any kind of assistance during the dive. Unlike try dives that are held with a personal instructor for each customer, dives for certified divers are guided with 1 instructor for the whole group. That gives you more freedom and the chance to practice your newly learnt skills of a diver.

3.       Guided dives for certified divers cost much less then try dives. As you don't need a personal guide you pay twice less for each dive. Why to pay if you are a licensed diver? As mentioned above, it is highly recommended to dive with a Divemaster or an Instructor. First of all, you will be able to discover the best dive sites even if it´s your fist visit to this country. Moreover, diving with experienced professionals becomes safer. You can also rent diving equipment in the dive center, therefore you don’t need to travel with heavy luggage.

4.       Being licensed you enjoy the diving more! Indeed, you will be prepared how to deal with possible problems underwater and you feel relaxed and self-confident underwater, then without any disturbance you observe the fish and the landscapes around yourself. It´s true that most people feel rather stressed on their try dives. It´s easy to explain. They feel helpless not knowing how to pop their ears correctly, what to do if the water comes inside the mask etc. During your course of Open Water Diver, you will learn many skills and procedures to deal with this kind of situations easily. With this knowledge you will feel very calm during your dives and spend really great time underwater.

5.      OWD course is the first step in scuba diving that opens you the door to many other levels. You will be able to go further in your training by taking the courses of Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver and many other courses and specialties. Depending on what interests you more, you choose what to learn, for example, if you like the environment and the aquatic animals, you can follow specialties of fish identification, shark conservation, underwater naturalist. If you are attracted by deep water, enroll on a Deep Diver course. Wreck Diver is a perfect specialty for those who interested in drowned objects and history.

6.       And finally, the most important reason to do a scuba diving course is that you will practice this wonderful kind of sport and become a part of a world-wide community of people sharing the same passion for diving as yourself. Making new friends, sharing fantastic moments underwater, travelling and experiencing new emotions will change your life and transform you into an ambassador of the Ocean.

Do not hesitate any more! Come to change your life and become a PADI Open Water Diver!


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