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My Internship In Diving Atlantis

On March 1, 2021 I began my adventure in Diving Atlantis. As a tourism student, I had to do a 12-week internship in a tourist infrastructure. I chose to do it here, in Tenerife, in a diving center. We were three interns, all studying tourism. From our first day, the boss explained his business in detail to us and the whole team showed us how to carry out the tasks that were to be assigned to us. They took the time to make us comfortable so that we felt integrated and comfortable with the various tasks assigned. Diving Atlantis is a place where team members become friends, it only took a few days for us to feel like fish in water. As for scuba diving, only one of us already had his Open Water Diver (Open Water is the first PADI certification). But in addition to acquiring skills for our studies at the level of the practice of different languages, managing customers and reservations, etc ... we were also offered to learn and acquire PADI certifications, up to Dive Master with the instructors of Diving Atlantis, who are very competent, experienced and of exemplary interpersonal skills.

Moreover, Diving Atlantis is not just a dive center. It is also possible to make excursions as a kayak guide to meet dolphins and turtles. Each member of the team should be able to perform these tasks. To do this, training has been put in place to become a kayak guide, which was an additional opportunity for us. As for everyday life, the days are quite busy. We open the dive center at 09:45. A typical day, if we stay at the center, is going to be welcoming customers and handling the cash register, preparing the clients, cleaning the equipment. If we have free time, we can also go diving in front of the dive center which is our main spot the “Rays bay”, where an incredible variety of marine life lives and makes it one of the most beautiful dive sites of Tenerife. Some days we also go to other spots to discover the variety of wonderful aquatic world of Tenerife. All good things come to an end, our internship ended in mid-May, after 3 months with the Diving Atlantis team. It was an unforgettable experience, which allowed us to learn a lot and make great encounters. I can't recommend this adventure enough!

Divemaster internship in Diving Atlantis