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Discover One Of The Most Famous Carnivals Of The World In Tenerife

Carnival is actually one of the most important events of the year in Tenerife! During two weeks people celebrate it on the whole island, but the biggest party happens in the capital: Santa Cruz de Tenerife. At that time of the year locals and tourists join the celebrations that are arranged every day and night. Being in Carnival here you see that it's not a myth that Spanish people are very passionate about partying with their families and friends! They prepare thoroughly for the events: choose disguises and do make up (not only women, but men too!). Then whole families and groups of friends wearing fantastic costumes and masks enjoy their time partying in the streets.



This year the Carnival of Tenerife started on the 22nd of February and will last until the 5th of March. But what is happening during these two weeks of festivities?

There are plenty of shows and activities. The first one is the election of the "Queen" in which young women appear in wonderful costumes that can weigh sometimes more than 100 kilograms! Then there is the Announcement parade ("Cabalgata") with thousands of people passing and dancing with music in the streets of the capital. Later on, there is an enormous finale parade ("coso") with the Queen and plenty of decorated platforms. Finally, on Ash Wednesday the Burial of the Sardine represents the end of the spirit of Carnival and everyone is mourning as the giant sardine made of paper is burning. This precedes the last event of the celebration "la piñata chica": with various shows, parades and balls during the last weekend.


During all these activities locals and tourists join in the huge celebration of the Carnival. This year the main theme for disguises is the Caribbean, so get ready with your relatives, find some nice costume and celebrate such an amazing event!


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