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Aloe Vera: Healing Plant Bringing Fame To The Canary Islands

It's well-known that Aloe Vera is a plant that has numerous healing qualities. It grows in all Canary Islands both in the wild nature and plantations. The biggest properties of its cultivation are in Gran Canaria and Lanzarote islands where the leaves of Aloe Vera are used to produce different kinds of products, like cremes, gels, juices, soaps etc. What makes them famous around the world is that most products contain pure Aloe Vera while manufacturers of other countries add many other elements in their recepies. Thus, buying Aloe Vera products in the Canary islands, you can be sure of their highest quality.


What are the scientifically proved benefits of Aloe Vera products?

There are many characteristics of Aloe Vera that makes it a very special plant. It has a number of healing and soothing effects that might be needed in different cases. Aloe Vera creams and gels are used for skin protection and conservation. Thanks to its hydrating qualities it heals wounds and burnt skin. It has been proved to reduce eczema. It's very recommendable to drink regularly the juice made of Aloe Vera to build up our immune system to prevent inflammation processes, developing of asthma, stomach diseases and diabetes.


How should Aloe Vera be produced in order to be efficient?

To keep all healing qualities of Aloe Vera the manufacturers should use only the inner transparent part of the leaves by peeling the skin. If to press the whole plant together with the skin the juice looses many components and the benefits are pretty low. This is the quickest method to get the juice, that's why it's the most common one in the world. However the Canary companies aim to produce the best quality so they spend more time and use a more complicated technology. As a result, all vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino-acids and other useful components are kept and make the products very efficient.


How can you make sure that you buy a good product?

You can find numerous kinds of Aloe Vera products on the market, it has become kind of «brand». There are many creams and juices with the name "Aloe Vera" though in fact they contain very few of it. That is the reason why the International Aloe Science Council tries to protect Aloe Vera products through the creation of a label that certifies their quality. To be sure, always look for the logo that shows that the product is certified. Also check the containing percentage of Aloe Vera. It should be 90%-100% depending on the product.


In Tenerife there are a lot of sales points where you can buy famous Canary Aloe Vera products directly from the manufacturer. You can choose between different kinds of creams and juices, all of them of high quality. It is a good idea of a gift for friends and family, so it has become a traditional souvenir of the Canary islands. You can also visit the Aloe Park, where they show you the property in which they cultivate Aloe Vera plants and demonstrate you the technology of producing the beauty products.


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