Curso de Divemaster en Tenerife

Divemaster Course And Internship



Who is a Divemaster?

Divemaster PADI is the first professional step in scuba diving and a prestigious title. The Divemaster license allows you to guide certified divers, to assist instructors in diving courses and also do some training programmes and parts of the courses. Being a Divemaster PADI you get new opportunities for work and travel turning your hobby into your job. To do the Divemaster course in Tenerife is a perfect choice. With good weather and water conditions the whole year you can find plenty of amazing dive sites and meet many other divers the same passionate about the underwater world as yourself.


How to start the course?

You can enroll for the course even if you have no experience and licenses yet. It's possible for the beginners to do all the courses up to Divemaster in a row. To become a professional of PADI it's required to be older than 18 and to be in good shape, healthy and willing to study. If you already have obtained some of the certificates in other federations it doesn't prevent you from continuing your studies in PADI. We do regular Divemaster courses in three languages: English, Polish and Russian. The divers are trained by our highly-qualified and widely experienced diving instructors.


Why to do the course in our dive center?

We do the training of future professionals of PADI in an operating dive centre that receives daily beginners and certified divers. Due to that the trainees can watch Divemasters fulfilling their day-to-day duties and get experience of real work and operation in a dive center. It's important that we don't use our students as free working force. We have divemasters and instructors employed to do the job. Dealing with the students we always keep strictly to the standards and main principles of PADI. We have several pools of different depth that are perfect to do the training programmes of the course. We provide our students with lacking equipment for free and also assist in searching for the accommodation.


About the course

The Divemaster course of PADI lasts 6 days, 8 hours per day. One part of the training is held in the diving center where we teach the theory and do pool exercises. Other days we do the practical part of the course in the ocean. A Divemaster PADI has to know the theory of scuba diving and be a secure underwater guide. Upon finishing the course you have to have at least 60 registered dives.


Additional information

During the Divemaster PADI course divers explore many fascinating dive spots of Tenerife. In addition to the teaching programme you can also do fun dives. You will practice Divemaster skills in real work conditions helping our employees. Together with the Divemaster title of PADI you will get DSD Leader PADI license as a gift from our dive center. This license allows you to do Discover Scuba Diving programme that is very popular in many touristic areas being the main activity of most dive centers. DSD is a programme for beginners that would like just to try scuba diving without completing a course. Divemasters that have the DSD Leader title will always have advantage over those who do not.

During the Divemaster internship you can also get specialties and do additional dives with a discount. Thus, the divers have opportunity to get more skills and improve themselves in scuba diving. It's possible for the newly trained Divemasters to stay in our dive center for permanent or seasonal work.



The prices that are indicated below are actual for those who have enrolled in a Divemaster course.

We consider the certificates that divers already have and do the missing courses that are obligatory to start the Divemaster training. Here they are:


- OWD, diving course for beginners (3 days course – 4 dives) maximum depth 18 meters - 316 euros

- AOWD, advanced diving course (2 days course - 5 dives) maximum depth 30 meters - 276 euros

- EFR, Emergency First Response (1 day) Requirement: to complete the Divemaster course during 24 months upon getting the EFR certificate – 156 euros

- Rescue Diver, course to train the skills to help divers and dive safely - 316 euros

- Divemaster Padi + DSD Leader - 650 euros

+ learning materials - 270 euros


You can also complete some specialties that are recommended to any PADI professional:


- Deep Diver, specialty that allows to dive down to 40 meters (2 days - 4 dives) - 276 euros

- NITROX (Enriched Air), diving with the air enriched with oxygen - 196 euros

- Wreck Diver, diving and exploring of sunken objects - 276 euros

- Drift Diver, diving in the currents - 115 euros


- Every additional dive is to be paid 3 euros for tank refilling.


The prices of courses and specialties include certificates, applications, breathing gases and weights.

Each Divemaster should have his own gear and accessories. If you still don't have it we can advise you how to choose proper equipment for you. We recommend you to buy it in Tenerife as the prices here are much lower than in the rest of Europe due to lowered IGIC in the Canary islands. Moreover we have special prices as wholesalers that you can freely use.


The list of equipment Divemasters should buy

- wetsuit 5 or 7 mm

- mask, snorkel, fins, neoprene boots


- weight belt

- regulator

- buoy and reel

- whistle

- depth and time gauge (computer)

- compass

- cutting tool (knife)

 - underwater notebook


We do the Divemaster courses in small groups, sometimes individually.

About additional discounts for diving and our special offers you can inform yourself here: SPECIAL OFFERS


Accommodation in Tenerife

We offer our interns accommodation in apartments close to the dive center in the touristic village Playa la Arena in 100 m from the beach. Accommodation: 2 people. The rent for 7 days is 310 euros for an apartment (155 euros per person if 2 people in one apartment), for 14 days – 570 euros.