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foka na wielorybie

Curious Picture Of A Seal Riding A Whale

Photographer Robyn Malcolm made a really impressive shot. The seal looks like surfing, just its surf is unusual, it´s a whale!

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Bakterie w wodzie

A Drop Of Seawater Magnified 25 Times

Photographer David Littschwager was curious what it would look like if to magnify a drop of salty water 25 times. The result was surprising! In one single drop he found fish eggs, crab larva, zooplankton, bacteria and even worms. Now you understand why ...

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projektant łodziłódź z papirusupiramidy teneryfy

Thor Heyerdahl, Traveller That Crossed The Atlantis Ocean In A Reed Boat

Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl became famous by having proved that ancient navigators could have crossed the Atlantic ocean on sailing boats. How did he do that?

In 1969 Thor Heyerdal built a boat from papyrus (Ra) using the projects of ancient boats of Egypt and started a trip from Morocco ...

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Płaszczka od dołuNurkowanie w Las GalletasGalletaz i płaszczki

Interesting Facts About Rays

- Rays are closest relatives of sharks. There is a theory that rays came from sharks.
- Some rays give live birth, some lay eggs. They are not very fertile, they lay from 1 to 10 eggs only.
- Rays ...

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