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Underwater Hotels – Science Fiction Coming True!

A new kind of tourism that will always be exclusive is appearing nowadays – underwater hotels. To build such a hotel you need to construct safe underwater boxes with pressure 1 atm. The framing is made of high-quality steel, where extra firm plexiglass is inserted. Through this glass you can watch exciting panoramic views to the underwater world. Such hotels are already built in three countries: Maldives, China and Dubai.



The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel situated on the island of Rangali is famous for its underwater restaurant Ithaa (translated into English: "Pearl"). Here you can have dinner and watch marine life at the same time. The restaurant is 5-8 meters deep close to a coral reef inhabited by numerous tropical fish. The capacity of the restaurant is only 14 people, the average price of dishes is $150-200. One night in the underwater apartments costs around $2000. The guests can reach the hotel using two ways: in a hydroplane or in a high-speed boat.



In Dubai there are 2 underwater hotels being constructed: Discus Water Hotel and Hydropolis Undersea Resort.

Water Discus is formed by two huge discs connected by a vertical gallery with an elevator inside it. The upper disc is above the water and has fascinating views to the ocean and the land. The lower disc is 10 meters beneath the surface of the sea. Here there are 21 comfortable suites, a diving center, a 4m deep pool and a bar. On the upper disc there is a helicopter landing pad.

At the same time the construction of Hydropolis hotel is also coming to an end. It is going to be the most expensive hotels ever: the construction cost is approximately €600 million. The hotel occupies 260 hectares that is equal to the territory of Hyde Park in London and contains 200 luxury rooms. To come to the hotel the guests will take a noiseless train that will bring them through an underground tunnel straight to the lobby. The lower building located 20 meters deep is built of plexiglass that is reinforced with concrete and steel. Approximate cost of 1 night per room is $5500. In the underwater part of the hotel the guests can find a spa, bars, a cinema, a dancing hall. The hotel will be available not only for richest travelers but for regular visitors too as it will be open as an underwater museum and anyone can buy a ticket to visit the hotel in the daytime.



In China the Intercontinental Shimao Wonderland Shanghai hotel is being built not in the sea but on the land, close to Shanghai, in an abandoned quarry. Being 100m high the building goes underwater with its 2 floors where the most luxurious rooms and the restaurant are. The quarry has perfect visibility, so through the panoramic windows you can observe thousands of fish and other water inhabitants. The guests of the Shimao hotel can do different kinds of activities: trekking in green forests of the National Park that surrounds the quarry, alpinism, bungee jumping and of course scuba diving.